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Ajazz AG180 Wireless Gamepad

AG180 -101
Rs. 4,200.00

Sindh, Pakistan

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AG180 Wireless Gamepad in Pakistan:

The BT 5.0 chip offers a reliable wireless connection, powerful anti-interference capabilities, and simple operation. The device is outfitted with a high-precision 3D joystick, allowing for 360° positioning, individualized control, and an ergonomic experience. The gaming experience is significantly improved by the dual engine vibration function. The 3d joystick works together with the submerged transverse button, which was created specifically for fighting games, to adapt to various games. The signal is reliable and transmits at a high speed while using a data cable to connect to a computer. Simple connection, automated identification platform after cuff insertion, no setup required, and no delays. supported a variety of platforms, supported computers, and was host switch compatible.

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Model Number AG180
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