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AUDIONIC REX-12 PLUS Product Description:

Rex 12 Plus is the best unbreakable speaker in the market by not compromising on sound quality while being extremely rugged.

What makes Rex 12 plus an unbreakable speaker?

These speakers are specially designed for rough and tough use. Made from high density synthetic material, They are able to withstand bumps with ease. The grill consists of thicker mesh which does not transfer damage to the speaker. These features make it really unbreakable. Backed with a translucent screen which disperse a very elegant fusion light across the grill. Its screen is a diffusion material which does not effect the sound quality in any way.
Driver Unit
Heart of this speaker is a state of the art driver also called woofer. This woofer consist of fine tuned copper voice coil. This copper voice coil surrounds a drum which is responsible for moving the cone. This creates a very accurate sound curve and a clean sound stage. The driver unit is 5.25 inches in size. This makes it perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Connecting the unbreakable speaker to your audio player
It has all the basic options covered. You can use an SD card or a USB for audio input and use the on board buttons to control tracks. You can also use the aux to connect it with you audio player. The best way to connect is via bluetooth, with a range of 10 meters you can enjoy your music wirelessly. Due to its latest bluetooth technology, You will hear no loss in sound quality even at farther ranges. with the added remote control it is the perfect sound system you will ever need. If that was not enough it also comes with a high quality wired mic.

Battery life
Charging of this speaker is very simple. Since it accepts 5V input to charge, you can charge it via any mobile charger. Backed with a battery of 1200 Mah, It can run for 5 to 6 hours under optimal use all thanks to its efficient control board.
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Brand Audionic
Model Number REX-12 PLUS
Warranty 1 Year Official Brand Warranty
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