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Nutrifactor Sleep Well Drug Free Aid

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Sleep Well-51

Sindh, Pakistan

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  • Nutrifactor’s Sleep Well is a unique combination of Melatonin with traditionally used herbs such as Valerian Root Extract, Chamomile Flower Extract, and Passion Flower Extract, which help to relax the mind and support restful sleep.

  • Melatonin plays a key role in managing the sleep and wake cycle, relaxing the body, and inducing sleep. It also helps to establish normal sleep patterns.

  • It contains Valerian Root Extract which is a traditional herb used to get relief in sleep disturbances and mild anxiety. It has sleep inducing properties, which help in conditions like occasional sleeplessness and restlessness.

  • It also has Passion Flower and Chamomile Flower Extract which are efficient in giving a calming and soothing effect to the brain.

  • Research shows that 7+ hours of sleep per night supports better health and performance. A tranquil sleep plays a vital role in the ability to learn, solve problems, and maintaining a healthy outlook.

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