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Energy Saving

With an Energy Efficiency ratio of 3.6 TCL Inverter Technology works with the window of 0.1C variation in refrigeration and adjust the amper consumption quickly to save energy, and help the user to bring down the electricity consumption hence reduction in domestic Electricity bills up to 66%

Fast Cooling & Heating

Turbo function will be helpful to cool or heat your room quickly and effectively by operating at the maximum fan speed for 30 minutes. After 66Hz high-frequency starting, outlet temperature can be decreased to 18℃ in just 30min, also, it can be increased to 40℃ in just 60min, which can provide rapid cooling/ heating experience to users

Dual Rotatory Compressors

Dual Rotatory Operation will help the compressor to operate at 7 - 17% improved efficiency, Vibrations are reduced to 1/13th of the single rotatory compressor and the noise of the operation is brought down to the lowest possible level of 3 - 5 DBs.

Smart Airflow

TCL with air dynamics help user get maximum satisfaction in terms of air flow. In Cooling mode the air is blown towards the ceiling to provide the user with "Shower style" air rendering where as in Heating mode the air is blown to wards the floor of the room so that the "Blanket style" heating could be enjoyed

Low Voltage

With "Gen" option on Remote Control TCL AC can operate at as low as 30% power. the option comes with only Invert-er ACs though there will be 3 levels displayed as per requirement:

Level 01 - Related Power at about 30%

Level 02 - Related Power at about 50%

Level 03 - Related Power at about 70%

therefore at each level the power requirement is stabilized & can cope with interrupted power supply

Fire Proof

New PCB Box is reinforced to avoid any short circuit, therefore to reduce or essentially eliminate any threat of fire breakout. this feature is linked with the simplest design improvement which is easy to disassemble and reassemble.

Double Swing

With four Dimensions of air inner lourvue swing and 5 type of air flows vertically help user experience the maximum user friendly dual swing. the vector precision Air supply and user functionality at selecting the more conducive air flow as per the requirement

Self Cleansing

After Running for particular period the air Conditioner will automatically detect the cleanliness of the filter & remind user of cleaning the filter, so that accumulation of harmful bacteria may be avoided & user could enjoy the clean & Healthy air

Super Quite

TCL ACs with supreme parts and assembly process reduce the noise and energy Consumption at the best . therefore TCL AC working at its maximum capacity reaches as much as 18dB where as on sleep mode not more than 10dB so as to provide the user with quietest cooling experience

I Feel

With dual censors in Indoor unit as well as AC remote help the user to attain smart Cooling as the censor in remote control will detect the surrounding temperature and will help the system to bring it to required level

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